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7 W. Main St. (P.O. Box 31)

Springerville, AZ 85938


Day Tours

Consider making Springerville-Eagar your headquarters for day trips to the Petrified Forest, Big Lake, Luna New Mexico, Volcanic Field Tour, El Malpais National Park, Zuni, Sunrise Ski Resort, or any of our hiking, biking, ATV, or horse trails.  

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Areas of a large number of volcanoes are called “volcanic fields” by geologists and large volcanic fields with 100’s of volcanoes are quite rare and unusual.  The Springerville Field contains 405 vents and covers about 1,158 sq. miles ( that is larger than the state of Rhode Island)!  The field extends from just east of Springerville to Show Low and from Greer to just south of St. Johns.   The large area covered by this volcanic field is also very unusual.  There are very few other places in the world where you can drive at interstate highway speeds for one hour (such as between Springerville and Show Low) and still be in the same volcanic field.  

Petrified Forest National Monument

One hour and 15 minute drive from the Springerville Heritage Center

Petrified Forest Web Site